St. Thomas's Island

Rowing on the River Shannon near St. Thomas's Island, Corbally, July 1966 - Friends: Teresa Clancy, Ann Lysaght and Anne Matson.
ST. THOMAS'S ISLAND. J.B. Trotter on a visit to the Island in 1812 had this to say "The Shannon looked extremely beautiful yesterday and we saw it to great advantage by visiting a charming small island which is in it, about 2 miles from Limerick island. On this Tuthill, who has contended for the honour of representing Limerick in the Imperial Parliament occasionally resides, in a most commodious and elegant villa, placed in the midst of a garden, washed by the Shannon's lovely waves. This gentleman had the kindness to favour us with a view of his delightful residence. His unaffected politeness made us enjoy our little excursion very much. The view upwards, on the enchanting Shannon cannot be excelled. His verdant banks, covered with cattle, adorned by charming villas at intervals. (Whilst William's ruined the castle in the distance crowned the bewitching scene) filled us with admiration. Mr. T's gardens and greenhouses are very elegant, genuine taste prevades them and the house. To complete the beauty of the Shannon here, a tree has grown about half a mile from Mr. Tuthill's Island, in its centre, on a rocky or hard spot and has a singular and easing effect.
Tuthill's house on St. Thomas's Island. Some families associated were: Tuthill, McAdams, Rogers, Place, O'Halloran.
Remains of old house on St. Thomas's Island 1952
Best Boating Buddies, June 1962 - From left: Fintan Harold, Nay Lysaght and Kevin O'Reilly.
ST. THOMAS'S ISLAND 1939 Back left: Noel Malone, Dick Brown, Middle Row: Mary Burke (Hogan), Rosaleen O'Brien (Lysaght), Kathleen Bourke (Hanley), Front: Phyllis Connell first cousin of Mary and Kathleen Bourke.
ST. THOMAS'S ISLAND, April 1939. From left back: Babe O'Brien Kelly, Paddy Flanagan, Philly Casey, William Lysaght, Rosaleen O'Brien Lysaght, Front: Josie Quane and Sean Reals.
On the Shannon River, Corbally, September 1939. From left sitting: Seamus Fennell, Noel Malone, Paddy Flanagan, Standing: William (Nay) Lysaght, Sean Reals.
Brothers Dan and Tony Gallagher 1958, on a leisurely trip around St. Thomas's Island in their angling cot. (Photo courtesy of Dan Gallagher)
Picnicking on St. Thomas's Island 3rd June 1963. Back left: Mae Clancy, Justin Devane, Dermot Clancy, Pat Lysaght, Front left: Nuala Clancy, Elsie Gilligan, Aileen Gilligan, Anna Gilligan, Mary Mullins, Maureen Clancy, Mary O'Connor, Finola O'Sullivan, Gertrude Begg and Marie Gilligan.


                                  By Arthur Lysaght

(A reverie of monks and fishermen and a former time at Corbally.)

White-robed monks are walking

and praying on the isle

of lush grass where the shallow

river runs fast downstream

weaving ornate shapes from stones

and swirl into deeps

where salmon rest.

The sun is west

and cackling moorhens cut reed

shimmered shadows at the muddy shore.

Bird flocks to roosting scrawl the greying

sky and drop into the quiet shades of trees.

Faint comes the slap of water against wood

as black bows hover over darkened pools

and peak-capped men ply cobwebs out of boats.

An arc of silver breaks the water surface;

a monk is silhouetted on the weir.