The Mill Stream

The Mill Stream and old footbridge at Gabbett's Grove, Corbally, before the huts and houses. Corbally House on the left, now Corbally House Nursing Home.
The footbridge over the Mill Stream, Gabbett's Grove, Corbally 2013.
The old footbridge and portion of the Lax Weir at the Mill Stream 1920. This part of the weir was to prevent fish entering the Mill Stream.
The old footbridge over the Mill Stream. The man in the photo, probably stepped out the back gate of Corbally House, just behind him. Across the bridge on the left is the Lax Weir.
Mr. Liam Forde who lived at Lax Weir Cottage, Mill Road, now Suil na h-Abhainn, grazed cattle on his land along by the Salmon Weir Bank, now almost completely overgrown. Mr. Forde became manager of the Lax Weir company in 1925, he was also a founder member of Limerick Beekeepers Association.
The Mill Stream, Corbally House in the background.
Old sluice on Salmon Weir bank, Corbally.
Pat Lysaght with the last remaining piece of the original grid from the Mill Stream section of the Lax Weir.


A single cormorant fishes quietly just off Killeen's corner,

A lone swimmer takes the punge at the 40 foot,

A solitary heron sits at the edge of the grove,

A scallop of a slat breaks the surface just below Ford's trench.

Somewhere in the bushes a pair of bullfinches are piping to each other;

Over on St. Thomas's Island two more herons sit hunched

On the ruin of the old monastery staring silenly towards the Mill Road.

The Lax weir where the king of all fish (salmon)

Were once trapped and captured, lies deserted and forlorn;

The old castle gives one the impression that it will tumble and fall.

The Mill stream flows quietly though heavily in flood.

A watery sun bathes the trees and the water,

It's a winters morning at the Long Shore, it won't be long now until spring comes

And the anglers will come up the river with their rods and their boats

In search of the great spring salmon.

Up here peace and tranquility reign and words like

Nuclear, atomic and biological war have no meaning.

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Gerard Real | Reply 30.10.2016 01.20

Ann, this is brilliant. I spent many happy days on the Mill Stream and beyond with John Kelly from the "tin house" on the Mill Road.

Ann Liston 30.10.2016 16.50

Wouldn't it be nice Gerard to have a photo of the tin house, it was unique, Moorehead's and Murphy's lived there before Kelly's.

Ann Liston | Reply 12.04.2016 12.59

Glad you enjoyed them Josephine, thank you for your nice comment.

Josephine Manley | Reply 11.04.2016 00.11

Loved every photograph Ann .You are so good to share with us.Thank you so much.

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Super website Ann.

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Hi Bill, lovely to hear from a Clancy in New York, lots of Clancy's here in Limerick, probably some of them your relations. Glad you enjoyed the pages.

09.10 | 01:49

Bill Clancy of City Island New York ... loved the pages. I believe I was at the regatta one year in the 70s...I was about 10. Great-grandson of James Clancy

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Reason being, I have a 1845 article by a JJ Fisher wh stated he was from Thornville, trying to find out who he as he was also a leading amateur astronomer

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