The Mill Stream

The Mill Stream and old footbridge at Gabbett's Grove, Corbally, before the huts and houses were built. Corbally House on the left, now Corbally House Nursing Home.
The old footbridge over the Mill Stream. The man in the photo, probably stepped out the back gate of Corbally House, just behind him. Across the bridge on the left is the Lax Weir.
Boating on the Mill Stream. Corbally House in the background.
Boats below the Lax Weir, at the tail of the Mill Stream c.1905. St. Thomas's Island in the background
The footbridge over the Mill Stream, Gabbett's Grove, Corbally 2013.
The old footbridge and portion of the Lax Weir at the Mill Stream 1920. This part of the weir was to prevent fish entering the Mill Stream.
Mr. Liam Forde who lived at Lax Weir Cottage, Mill Road, now Suil na h-Abhainn, grazed his cattle on his land along by the Salmon Weir Bank, now almost completely overgrown. Mr. Forde became manager of the Lax Weir company in 1925, he was also a founder member of Limerick Beekeepers Association.
Old sluice on Salmon Weir bank, Corbally.
Pat Lysaght with the last remaining piece of the original grid from the Mill Stream section of the Lax Weir.

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Ann | Reply 01.01.2020 18:37

Oh dear me, hope you recovered the flipflop and enjoyed the rest of your day by the river, even though you shouldn't have been there, nice memory.

Jude | Reply 30.12.2019 16:42

Photos remind me when 8yrs (not allowed down there) & sitting on footbridge with friends legs dangling & I lost 1 flipflop - oh the panic racing to catch it up!

Gerard Real | Reply 30.10.2016 01:20

Ann, this is brilliant. I spent many happy days on the Mill Stream and beyond with John Kelly from the "tin house" on the Mill Road.

Ann Liston 30.10.2016 16:50

Wouldn't it be nice Gerard to have a photo of the tin house, it was unique, Moorehead's and Murphy's lived there before Kelly's.

Ann Liston | Reply 12.04.2016 12:59

Glad you enjoyed them Josephine, thank you for your nice comment.

Josephine Manley | Reply 11.04.2016 00:11

Loved every photograph Ann .You are so good to share with us.Thank you so much.

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10.06 | 23:37

According to my records a Mrs Mary Russell was living in Roseneath in 1940. In 1941 a Mrs Beatrice McNamara was a tenent at Roseneath. What dates do you have?

26.05 | 16:58

Hi ger love this website did you find out any more

25.05 | 18:02

any one know where i can get the abbey fishermen dolls

11.05 | 07:53

Love this website you have lovely pictures Anne pat is such a gentleman like you your a lady bring out a book

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