Corbally Mills

CORBALLY MILLS - Drawn and Lithographed at the office of J.I. Whitty L.L.D. Civil and Mining Engineer, 15 Henrietta St., Dublin. VIEW OF PART OF THE ESTATE OF P. ALOYSIUS SHANNON ESQ., Situate near the City of Limerick. (Picture courtesy of Maura & John McNamara)
CORBALLY MILL AND PORTION OF THE LAX WEIR The fisherman in the boat is E.B. Place, son of J.H. Place, Manager of the Shannon Fishing Company Ltd., the man paddling the boat is Patsy McMahon from Ardnacrusha.
View of the Great Lax Weir and Corbally Mill.

In its time Corbally Mill was one of the finest water mills in the Country. Wheat from the mill was transported via the river in the early stages from Custom House docks as there was no direct road link with Limerick.

Corbally Mills and Lax Weir showing the Free Gap built in 1865, called the Queen's Gap and Caisleán na Corann (Castle of the Weir). 

William Walter Copley, a Clerk in charge of the Water Mill, with his family, lived in this house just inside the entrance gate of the Mill Yard. All that remains now are the stone pillars. The house was knocked in the 60's to make way for the present house.
END OF MILL ROAD, the Mill section as it is now. On the right was the entrance to the Mill Yard, on the left Corbally House, now the Nursing Home.

LETTER FROM JERSEY  - 1st February 1965

Dear Mr. Lysaght,

I have read with the greatest interest - and no little nostalgia! - your "Short History" of the Abbeymen. 

Of special interest to me is the reproduction of the photo figure 11 as this portrays my eldest brother Capt. E. B. Place (peal fishing probably) on the "tail of Garrafh" (excuse phonetic spelling!) being paddled by one Patsy McMahon of Parteen, in a brocaun which was very much beamier than those normally used by the Shannon Fishing Co. - as it was then called - snap net men. The normal ones they used were much wider and more stable than those of the Abbey men.

This particular brocaun was specially built - probably by the late Mickey Farrell - for one of the Fishery "Star" net men on my fathers instructions as the net man mentioned (Frank Connors) was about 15 stone or possibly more and so generously proportioned that even a Corbally brocaun was deemed inadequate and unsafe to accomodate him !!

The photo and also figure 10 were I think taken by someone directly - or indirectly connected with my old home, Corbally House and appear to be reproductions of original photos.

I would be more than grateful if you could let me know who now owns them and whether it would be possible for me to acquire them as I think that during our time there, they were possibly framed and on one of the walls inside Corbally House.

Thanking you, I remain, Yours Sincerely, Hugh L.P. Place.

P.S. How is my old fishing acquaintance Arthur Lysaght?  Please give him my kindest regards.



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elaine leonard | Reply 07.02.2017 13.29

love your website Anne there should have a gathering of all involved in the old abbey regetta limerick as those were the good old days back then

Deirdre McCarthy | Reply 16.01.2017 14.48

Hi Ann, Thanks for getting back to me so soon with a reply. Yes, I'm sure it had to be the same man. I didn't know he was a Major He had a mustache, I remember

Deirdre McCarthy | Reply 15.01.2017 15.46

My dad used to take us out for a stroll along the Red Path from one end to the other many a Sunday. There was a good friend of mine Mr. Wilson ( Boyd's on William St.) He lived on the other side of the path. He gave me a pair of binoculars that I treasure

Ann 16.01.2017 10.15

Hi Deirdre, I'm sure you enjoyed those strolls. There was a Major Wilson of Rose Ville, across the Road from top of Mill Road, I wonder if he is your Mr. Wilson

Brian Carroll | Reply 07.12.2016 21.59

My name is Brian Carroll, editor of Limerick Life newspaper. I would like your/photographer's permission to use photo of Lax Weir. Could you email, thanks

Tommy Goggin | Reply 19.03.2016 10.11

I might be mistaken, but I seem to recall being told that the Mill was once owned, or managed, by the father of the actor Richard Harris. Can you confirm?

Ann Liston 19.03.2016 16.55

As far as I know, the Harris Family had a Flour Mill in Mount Kenneth. Names associated with Corbally Mills are: Bindon, Gabbett and John Norris Russell.

John Mcnamara | Reply 17.07.2015 23.13

Love that picture.

David 085-8559443 | Reply 19.06.2015 18.15

Hello Anne,could the photo of the 2 men fishing be used with permission?
I would like to use for a sign in the community.Would be happy to discuss if possible

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16.06 | 17:57

Brilliant footage James, I never even saw one in reality, you could have patted him, he came so close to you.

16.06 | 17:04

Check out my close encounter with a badger in St Munchins today.....Watch how close he comes to me at the end...

29.05 | 20:59

Be glad to help David, if I can, sent you an email.

29.05 | 12:57

Hello Ann,
Could you drop me a mail when you get a chance,interested in information on Kellys now Meadowbrook. Love the site, frequent visitor

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