The Swimming Pool (Corbally Baths)

Corbally Baths gone but for the steps and memories. Autumn 2013.

At the Swimming Pool there were two children's paddling pools, a small drinking fountain, ladies and mens changing rooms and toilets, separated by a shop in the centre. The main swimming area was the Shannon river, and if you didn't mind the crowds, what could be more refreshing than to dive into the cool sparkling water and gaze through your wet eyelashes at the blue sky.

The caretakers of the Swimming Pool (Corbally Baths) in the early 1950's were Mr. & Mrs. Gus Hanley next Mr. & Mrs. Ryan, last and probably best known and longest serving were Mr. & Mrs. Seán Keogh.

CORBALLY BATHS - Painting by Rosaleen Bolger.
Corbally Baths. To the locals it was simply called "The Pool". This photo shows the shop in the centre and at each side the ladies and gents changing boxes and children's paddling pools.
Duffy's were the first people to have the shop in Corbally Baths. The lady serving behind the counter is Kitty O'Halloran (nee Duffy), her brother Billy Duffy and her young son Alf O'Halloran.
SHANNON SWIMMING CLUB MEMBERS, CORBALLY 1960. Back row from left: Joan Cantillon, Bridie Hayes, Olive Galvin, Mary Mullins, Ann Lysaght, Evelyn Devane, Nuala Clancy, Bernie Anslow, Rita Clancy. Front row: Audrey McAuliffe, Elsie Gilligan, Mae Clancy (Swimming Coach), Mary O'Connor and Anna Gilligan.
SHANNON SWIMMING CLUB MEMBERS: From left:- Carmel Galvin, Rita Clancy, Nancy Cowhey, Mary O'Connor, Mary O'Brien, Alice Clancy and Mary O'Halloran.
CHRISTMAS DAY SWIM, CORBALLY BATHS 1957. Tim Moore presenting 1st prize to Dan Gallagher.
CHRISTMAS DAY SWIM, CORALLY BATHS 1980. The swim was run by Thomond Swimming Club for 50 years, money collected on the day went to charity. Spectators: Deirdre, Laura, Rita and Daniel Gallagher, Damien Ryan, Pat Lysaght Jnr, Jason Hayes, Dan Gallagher, Jim Graham, Elsie Cowhey, Paddy Madden, Larry Sherin, Nancy McNamara, Barry O'Sullivan, Frank Keating.
CHRISTMAS DAY SWIM, CORBALLY BATHS 1959. Prizes being presented by Donogh O'Malley. 1st Peter Boland, 2nd Jim Graham, 3rd Dan Gallagher.
CHRISTMAS DAY SWIM, CORBALLY BATHS 1962. John Earls, Donogh O'Malley, Jim Graham, John Cronin, Mickey Ryan, Eddie Gavin, Charlie Malone, Gerry Boland, Noel Ryan, Ger Ryan, Mr. Ryan, Austin Wallace.
SHANNON SWIMMING CLUB - From left: Swimming Coach; Mae Clancy, Mary O'Halloran, Ann Lysaght, Francis Walsh, Patsy Duggan, Rita Clancy, Nuala Clancy, Mary Green, Carmel Uniak, Dorothy Hagerty, Marion Healy, Front Row: Monica Moloney, Joan Cantillon, Mary O'Brien, Anna Gilligan, Bernadette Mullins, Michael Clancy.
CORBALLY SWIMMING POOL 1955. Papers strewn all over after a hot sunny August day. The young girls are: Left Elaine Hanley (daughter of caretaker) with her dog Snowie and Ann Lysaght kneeling with neighbours dog Rowdy Kinsella.
Mr. Sean Keogh, caretaker, teaching some children how to swim.
THOMOND SWIMMING CLUB WATER POLO TEAM. Munster Championship Winners 1957. From left: Mickey Ryan, Gerry Boland, Tommy Slater, Dan Gallagher, John Earls, John Cronin and Peter Boland. (Photo courtesy of Dan Gallagher)
SWIMMING GALA, CORBALLY BATHS 1962. In the crowd were: Ann Canty, Colette Price, Mrs. Lysaght, Rosaleen Lysaght, Aileen Gilligan, Mrs. Kitty Gilligan, Mrs. Nelly Clancy.
THOMOND SWIMMING CLUB, Munster Junior Water Polo Championships 1959. Back, Left to Right: Michael Ryan, Tommy Slater, Ger Boland, Jim Graham, John Earls. Front: Paddy McMahon, John Cronin, Dan Gallagher, Peter Boland.
CHRISTMAS DAY SWIM, Corbally Baths 25th December 1964. From left: Bridie Hayes, Monica Malone, Phyllis O'Carroll, Margaret Hayes, Joan Cantillon.
Michael Hanley with hands up and others swimming at the bridge near Corbally Baths.
Presentation time Swimming Gala Corbally Baths 1960's. Faces in the crowd: Mae Clancy, Jim Graham, Frank Pendergast, Ann Lee, Jean McCarthy, Una Brockett, Mrs. McCarthy, Mike Hartnett, Gerry Moore.
Swimming Gala Corbally Baths 1955. Faces in the crowd include: Elaine Hanley, Ann Lysaght, Denis O'Shaughnessy, Bernie Spain, Denis O'Keefee, Frankie Kearney, Denis Noctor and Gabrielle Tobin.
SWIMMING GALA, Corbally Baths 1955
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elaine | Reply 30.11.2018 15.17

ya well my late grandfather trained him in rugby all his life

Jamie | Reply 05.11.2018 13.33

Check out the otter near the Red Path last week

Ann 06.11.2018 18.59

Lovely footage Jamie.

Brendan O'Brien | Reply 06.01.2017 22.40

Just saw an old picture of my two brothers John and Mark O'Brien from Catherine Street. John won the Treaty Swim when he was 16. Thanks

Brendan O'Brien 28.11.2018 17.32

A cousin through marriage

elaine 28.11.2018 17.07

are you related to brian o brien

Gerard Real | Reply 30.10.2016 01.13

Well done Ann, great photos. The Red Path was a magical place. My dad Jimmy Real was great friends with your dad Nay Lysaght.

Gerard Real 30.10.2016 21.40

Thanks Ann, I remember your mother Rosaleen also and recall visiting the original house? many many years ago to see the magnificent array of birds kept there.

Ann Liston 30.10.2016 19.07

The Red Path Gerard was magical. Jimmy Real and my father were indeed great friends, I remember Jimmy well and of course not forgetting your mum Angela.

elaine | Reply 04.10.2016 16.54

true pat

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30.11 | 15:17

ya well my late grandfather trained him in rugby all his life

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A cousin through marriage

28.11 | 17:07

are you related to brian o brien

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Lovely footage Jamie.

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